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Coaches On The Hotseat?

Coaches on the hotseat. Life is short for the players in the NFL. It's even shorter for most NFL coaches. We've already witnessed 3 head coach firings this season, Scott Linehan (Rams), Lane Kiffin (Raiders), and Mike Nolan (49ers). The teams below are sinking fast and their needs to be a scapegoat. So let's take a look at the rest of the potential free agent coaches for 2009.

Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers, 4-6 - The Chargers need to go deep into the playoffs. That's why Norv was hired. How do the Chargers figure that firing Schottenheimer and hiring Turner would be an improvement? After all, Norv, as a head coach, has always struggled getting to the playoffs.

Wade Phillips - Dallas Cowboys, 5-4 - Like the Chargers, this is another team with high expectations. Phillips' head coaching career wasn't much better than Norv's before arriving to the Cowboys. Again, why do owners/GMs hire coaches with poor track records and expect them to go deep into the playoffs?

Romeo Crennel - Cleveland Browns, 3-6 - after a 10-6 finish last year and missing the playoffs, the Browns have already reached their loss total from last year. When you go 10-6 and miss the playoffs, you might get a pass. What if you follow that up with a sub-0.500 finish?

Marvin Lewis - Cincinnati Bengals, 1-8-1 - Things could be worse. The Bengals could've actually been 1-9 if McNabb would known about "ties". The lack of urgency on McNabb's part gave the Bengals a non-loss. However, it also gave them a non-win. I'm surprised Lewis has made it this far. After all, 3 other coaches have already been fired this season. The Bengals rebuilt when Lewis was hired. They have 1 playoff appearance to show for it and they are on the verge of rebuilding again. Lewis' time is up and Mike Brown needs to go to. Oh wait...you can't fire owners. There couldn't possibly be any team in a situation worse than the Bengals. But then again...

Rod Marinelli - Detroit Lions, winless - I couldn't even honor the Lions with a numbered record. It doesn't matter. They are bad from the top down. The offense isn't bad with Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith with bright futures. But wasn't Marinelli brought in to fix the defense? The Lions gave up an average of 377 ypg in 2007. This year, they are giving up 401 ypg. And that's without Mike Martz's turnover prone offense to help them out. Matt Millen is gone. Now almost everything associated with Millen needs to go too. Even Rod Marinelli.

Sean Payton - New Orleans Saints, 5-5 - The Saints were a preseason favorite to win the NFC South. There were problems on the defense that were addressed by the drafting of Sedrick Ellis and the acquisition of Jonathon Vilma. But lately, the Saints are falling behind in games and forced to play catch up. Injuries have taken their toll on both side of the ball. I think Payton is the least likely to get fired out of the bunch. But their worst 2 losses came at the hands of their division rivals losing by 23 to the Panthers and by 14 to the rebuilt Falcons have you wondering how prepared this team is on Sundays.

Honorable Mention - Brad Childress - Minnesota Vikings, 5-5 - Childress is fortunate that the division lead is tied at 5-5. A win yesterday could've placed the Vikings on top of the NFC North. If the Vikings do not make the playoffs as a division winner or wildcard contender, then he will have to wonder why he didn't address the QB situation in the offseason.

Mike Holmgren (Seattle Seahawks) is about as lame duck as you can get and the Seahawks are paying for it with a 2-8 record.

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How Do You Spell Desperation? B-E-N-G-A-L-S.

First Chris Henry, now Cedric Benson.

Why?! It wasn't that long ago when the Vikings and Cowboys were notorious for bringing in "troubled" players. Jerry Jones still does it to a certain degree. The Vikings are past that stage. I guess they figured it out after the "party boat" incident. They, and most every other team in the NFL, have figured out that winning is not conducive with troubled talent. At least now, the Vikings are headed in the right direction. The Cowboys have managed to control it pretty good...so far. The Cowboys benefit from good leadership. Top down starting with Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips and even Tony Romo have been the glue that keeps the team together. I must give credit to Jones, I did not think he would be able a top contender considering his past issues with salary cap and aging players. He has infused the right amount of veteran leaders with the young talent.

OK...back to the Bengals. They have no leadership. This team has been peppered with distractions. Chad Johnson has been a distraction in a bad way. It's harmless to a certain degree. To his credit, he does stay out of trouble with the law. But the world has to rotate around him. It's "Chad this" or "Chad that." Oops...I meant Chad Ocho Cinco. See what I mean? Chris Henry is worse. All the arrests led the team to cut him. What did they do? They resigned him several months later. That's an indicator that the player wins. I don't know what Carson Palmer was doing while this was going on, but as a team leader, he needs to stand up and take control. What the heck is Marvin Lewis doing? Who's managing this team? NOBODY! In some way, you have to feel bad for Lewis. There's only so much he can do.

Benson's role hasn't been defined with the team yet. If Chris Perry and Kenny Watson are really that dinged up, then Benson may be forced into action. Why Benson? I think Shaun Alexander could've been a safe pick. It would've only been a short term solution but it would have been somewhat productive. Of course the Bengals chose the young, talented guy instead. Benson's resume doesn't even closely begin to stack up to Alexander's. There's a long list of players that the Bengals could've chose from...MIke Anderson, Ron Dayne, Tatum Bell. It's a wonder why the Bengals settled on Benson. Even before the Bears cut him, Benson was already in danger of losing his job.

I can't imagine that Lewis is on a very long leash. he needs to make something happen in the short run and start winning games NOW. I don't see Benson as a short term solution...just a long term headache. But you know what? If Benson doesn't work out, you can always go after Travis Henry.

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