Posted on: May 15, 2008 11:53 pm
Edited on: May 16, 2008 12:20 am

Spygate...IT SHOULD DIE...


Spygate SHOULD die...only after the Patriots are punished for the infractions uncovered with the Walsh tapes. Pats fans will flame me for saying this but I don't care. The Pats and Pats fans alike claim that cheating is part of the game. The only problem with that statement is that the Pats GOT CAUGHT! Let's face it...if everyone DOES IT, why haven't any tapes surfaced of other teams cheating?

After reading the attached article, one thing stands out to me, the Pats taped 5 other teams' signals. So why is it over? Because there was no alleged "walkthrough". I think we have something just as valuable...the Pats cheated at least 5 other times. This is good for at least 1.25 million dollars in fines and no 1st round draft pick through 2013. The Pats should be punished for every one of these infractions. The opponents listed on the article include the Dolphins, Bills, Browns, Chargers, and the Steelers...all AFC opponents. With the exception of the Browns, all the teams listed affect the Patriots playoff scenario. There are 2 division rivals (Dolphins, Bills) and 2 playoff opponents (Chargers, Steelers). This should not go unpunished.

I am surprised that commissioner Goodell let this go so easily. He's done a good job of making examples out of players Chris Henry & Pacman Jones. What's so hard about this? Maybe Goodell doesn't want to offend his buddy Kraft. The bottom line is this, if you get pulled over for speeding, you get a ticket. If you get pulled over speeding 5 more times afterwards, chances are that you will get 5 more tickets. They don't stop issuing tickets just because you've already been ticketed once. This is not any different. The Pats have just got caught 5 more times for ILLEGALY taping signals and they should be punished 5 MORE TIMES!

So Patriots. There you have it. Just pay the price...and it will go away.

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