Posted on: May 22, 2009 4:22 pm

Vick/Favre...Tell Me Something I DON'T Know...

As the neverending saga of Brett Favre and Michael Vick unfold, I look back at all that's happened in the months since the 2008 season ended and asking myself "so what's new"? Here are the facts...

-Brett Favre was released by the Jets.
-Brett Favre is retired.
-Michael Vick was released from jail.
-Michael Vick has not been reinstated by the league.

Now all I've heard the past several weeks is the speculation surrounding Favre and the Vikings and the teams that are not interested in Vick (is this really that surprising?). But where's the news? So far, Brett is still retired and Michael Vick has not been reinstated into the NFL. Unless the status changes for both, I really don't want to hear about Favre seeing a specialist about his shoulder or seeing Vick leave prison from three different camera angles. How does this pertain to what's happening in the NFL? Here's what I want to see happen before anymore "news" about Favre and Vick.

1) Favre signs with the Vikings (or another team).
2) Vick is reinstated by Goodell.

Now that's news. From now until then, everything else in between just does not matter.

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Posted on: September 8, 2008 12:26 am
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An NFL Week 1 of Upsets

Panthers 26, Chargers 24 - Yeah...the Chargers are very upset that they lost this one, especially at home. The Panthers didn't even have Steve Smith.

Bears 29, Colts 13 - WoW! Matt Forte rushes 23 times for 123 yards. Of course, take away the 50 yard TD and he is only averaging around 3.5 ypc. Former defensive MVP Bob Sanders is supposed to prevent gouging runs like that. What a way to break in the Colts new stadium.

Falcons 34, Lions 21 - This was the league toilet bowl matchup, so I'm not sure we can call this an upset. Maybe we didn't give the Falcons enough credit toward their rebuilding effort. Big plays by Michael Turner AND Matt Ryan.

Bills 34, Seahawks 10 - OK, maybe this wasn't an upset. Many have the Bills pegged as a playoff dark horse this year. What's upsetting (at least to Seahawks fans) is that they beat the Seahawks by 24 points. Never overlook the importance of special teams.

Patriots 17, Chiefs 10 - Bottom line is that the Patriots won. The Tom Brady injury will upset as many fantasy managers as Patriots fans.

 OK...I know it's early. Every year on opening day some teams play to their expectations and some just fall flat on their face. I believe that the Chargers and Colts will turn things around. Teams like the Lions and Chiefs will continue to struggle. The Seahawks are in big trouble. What will the Falcons and Bills show us next week? Good luck to Matt Cassel.

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