Posted on: September 9, 2008 3:37 pm
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That was for the Jets fans.

I must say that after watching the Jets and Dolphins game over the weekend that Brett Favre is looking more and more like the missing link for the Jets. I had wondered why, through all of the offseason fiasco, Brett chose the Jets over the Buccaneers. It seemed like the Bucs were a better fit. They run the West Coast offense, strong defense and Favre would've been reunited with Jon Gruden. Then, after watching Sunday's game at the Dolphins, it made sense. The Jets have a better offensive line and better receivers. The offensive line would be the x-factor here. After all, they are responsible for protecting the QB and launching the running game. Good run game takes pressure off the QB. Thomas Jones ran for 103 yards on 22 carries plus a score. The WR's are a good fit for Favre as well. I see scary similarities between Jerricho Cotchery and Greg Jennings.

Let's talk playmaking. After all, the Jets didn't have any with Chad Pennington at QB. Pennington had a shot at ruining Favre's debut with the Jets. But did you really think that was going to happen? Favre's 2 scores were off long pass plays. A 56 yard shot to Cotchery (that I mistook for Greg Jennings) and a 22 yard chuck n' duck to Chansi Stuckey. Now that last play was very clever. It was 4th down and kicker Mike Nugent was hurt, so there was no shot at a field goal. While scrambling around in the pocket, Favre launches a floating pass. I thought it was in interception. Then this ball falls in between 3 defenders where only Stuckey had a shot at catching it. The worst case scenario is that the ball is intercepted. But given the filed postion, it would have been no worse than a punt. This play was very Favre-like.

After seeing Favre play on Sunday, I am convinced that the Jets have a contender. With Tom Brady out for the season, Favre's Jets can steal the division. They have already started with a road win against the division rival Dolphins. I also take back every bad thing I've said about Favre (and because I'm a 49er fan, I've said a lot of mean things about him). With all the hype on Brady's injury and Aaron Rodgers debut with the Packers, Favre was more an afterthought. i just wanted to say "Good Luck to you Brett Favre"...

...and I am glad you are out of the NFC.

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