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Memo To Brett Favre: Fool Me Once, Shame On You..


...Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.

OK. You have a 38 year QB who's taken your club to countless playoff games, 2 Super Bowls (winning 1 of them). In 2007, you surround him one of the top offensive lines in the league, playmaking WR's, a solid running game (Thanks to Ryan Grant), and a top 5 defense. All this to make one final run for a Super Bowl before the next generation of QB's take over. Why was this such a tough decision Brett? You have to feel good about finishing where you did last year. 2007 was a significant improvement over 2006 and there is no reason to feel that would not be a Super bowl favorite this year. But you couldn't make up your mind.

Here what your haste has cost you. 1) Your starting job in Green Bay. 2) Your relationship with management. What a way to go out.

I hate to be the one to say this, but I'm with management on this one. It's not easy replacing someone with Brett Favre's production, but you have to start somewhere. 3 years ago, it almost happened. In 2005, there was speculation that Favre would retire. At that time, he was unsure setting the Packers up every postseason where they must ask themselves "is this the year Brett Favre retires?" In anticipation, the Packers spend their 2005 1st round draft pick on Aaron Rodgers. The Pack could've had some budding young talent with that pick...WR Roddy White, CB Marlin Jackson, DE Luis Castillo, OG Logan Mankins, (all players that started last year and all players who could've played a role with the Packers this year). Fast forward to 2008. Aaron Rodgers has spent the last 3 seasons riding the bench where he may have been a starter elsewhere. I understand management's decision to back Rodgers. They have invested a lot in him.

Since we are on the topic of draft picks, let's talk about 2008, which is Favre's supposed year of retirement. The Packers gave him an opportunity from February through March to decide whether or not he should come back and play for 2008. As outlined above, the answer is relatively simple. By walking away, Favre is giving up a legitimate shot to win it all in 2008. That doesn't sound very Favre-like. I'll get to this a little more later. What Favre ends up telling the Packers (let me remind you that he had 60 days to come to this decision) is that he is retiring. So what do the Packers do? They prepare to move on without him. They spend a 2nd round pick on Brian Brohm (one of the top rated QB's in this year's draft) and a 7th rounder on Matt Flynn of LSU. The fact that the Pack spent a 2nd round pick on Brohm says it all. 1) The Packers aren't 100% confident in Rodgers no matter what they state in public. 2) They need that extra insurance policy if Rodgers doesn't make it through the whole season. No team would risk a 2nd round draft on a QB if they didn't need one. If Favre comes back, the Packers will have 4 QB's on the roster. it looks like the 7th rounder gets cut due to a #'s game...wasted draft pick. If I was management, I would be PO'd to hear Favre is coming back after making all these offseason adjustments. Favre has been the face of this franchise since '92 (along with the great Reggie White) but at some point in time, Favre must realize that football is a team sport and it's not all about him. Yes, he is the Iron Man and he HAS laid it all on the line with uncountable consecutive starts in football. But football is complicated. Every year Favre decides to allow the team to speculate about his retirement could damage the club's future, the Rodgers pick demonstrates that.

Time to hang it up for good Brett. If you unretire, there might be a chance that you start sometime during the regular season (when Rodgers gets pulled due to performance or injured). You also affected the career of 7th round pick Matt Flynn, who gets cut before ever playing a preseason snap and may never play again. You've already dangled that carrot in front of Rodgers for 3 years, how many more should it be? Now you ask the Packers to cut you because you feel "unwanted"? I think the Packers have done a good job of catering to you over the last 10 years. Why would they want to cut you? You would be a cap hit for the next 3 years. If you really want to play, start negotiating with other teams and politely ask one of them to trade for you. The Packers deserve at least that.

So there you have it. I personally think older veterans retire and unretire just to skip OTA's and minicamps. If Brett was doing that, then it backfired this time around. Like I said above. It seems very un-Favre-like to retire when you have a solid playoff caliber team like the 2007 Packers.


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Spygate...IT SHOULD DIE...


Spygate SHOULD die...only after the Patriots are punished for the infractions uncovered with the Walsh tapes. Pats fans will flame me for saying this but I don't care. The Pats and Pats fans alike claim that cheating is part of the game. The only problem with that statement is that the Pats GOT CAUGHT! Let's face it...if everyone DOES IT, why haven't any tapes surfaced of other teams cheating?

After reading the attached article, one thing stands out to me, the Pats taped 5 other teams' signals. So why is it over? Because there was no alleged "walkthrough". I think we have something just as valuable...the Pats cheated at least 5 other times. This is good for at least 1.25 million dollars in fines and no 1st round draft pick through 2013. The Pats should be punished for every one of these infractions. The opponents listed on the article include the Dolphins, Bills, Browns, Chargers, and the Steelers...all AFC opponents. With the exception of the Browns, all the teams listed affect the Patriots playoff scenario. There are 2 division rivals (Dolphins, Bills) and 2 playoff opponents (Chargers, Steelers). This should not go unpunished.

I am surprised that commissioner Goodell let this go so easily. He's done a good job of making examples out of players Chris Henry & Pacman Jones. What's so hard about this? Maybe Goodell doesn't want to offend his buddy Kraft. The bottom line is this, if you get pulled over for speeding, you get a ticket. If you get pulled over speeding 5 more times afterwards, chances are that you will get 5 more tickets. They don't stop issuing tickets just because you've already been ticketed once. This is not any different. The Pats have just got caught 5 more times for ILLEGALY taping signals and they should be punished 5 MORE TIMES!

So Patriots. There you have it. Just pay the price...and it will go away.

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