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Posted on: December 2, 2008 8:15 pm

Dumb And Dumber

OK...let's not confuse this with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. I talking about Plaxico Burress. Seriously, how dumb can one be? Does making millions of dollars automatically dumb someone down? What a nice life. Pro athlete, millions of $'s, Super Bowl fame, why ruin it all now?

Dumb - Alrighty Plax. What were you doing with a gun in the first place? Is your life in danger? I'm sure your just as big of a target as all the other millionaires in New York City. I'm sure a few of them may carry a gun...just a few. What was your justification? Shouldn't you have checked the local laws first? DUMB!

Dumber - Alrighty Plax. As if carrying a concealed weapon illegally wasn't bad enough, you had to go and shoot yourself in the leg with it. didn't you have the safety on? No safety? Shouldn't you have bought a gun with one if you were going to be sneaking one around in public as to not accidentally shoot someone else? Oh...that's right. You don't think that far ahead. DUMBER!

Not only will you face serious fines (and now legal costs), you are looking at 3-7 years in prison and a felony rap to boot (heck, you really didn't care that the Giants were fining you all that money anyways). So if you didn't care about the Giants and the NFL before, you will now. Because 3-7 years in the pen with Bubba Sunshine will be no picnic for you.

Good Luck Plax. While you waste your life away inside a prison, we will all be laughing at you from the outside.

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