Posted on: September 5, 2008 2:15 am
Edited on: October 6, 2008 6:32 pm

Memo To Jim Zorn...

Yo Jim! Your QB, Jason Campbell, doesn't look comfortable out there against the Giants. It may have been the fear inducing pass rush of the Giants defensive line...without Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora...NOT! Instead of making adjustments, you tried to ram the ball down the Giants throat with Clinton Portis. But you don't exactly have John Riggins and an offensive line remotely reminiscent to the "Hogs". So Clinton averages only 3.7 ypc tonight. He did have a nice block though. You know which one I'm talking about Clinton. Let's get down to root of the problem Jim. You spent the last 6+ years in Seattle under the tutelage of Mike Holmgren. You helped command one of the fiercest offenses earlier in the decade. You are well versed in the West Coast offense. What happened out there tonight? You didn't have confidence in Jason and he didn't have confidence in himself. He's still learning the offense. What's the one thing we hear about when a QB has to learn the West Coast offense for the first time? On average, it takes about 3 years to learn? All I saw tonight was Jason Campbell doing the Curly Shuffle for 4 quarters. Where's the high percentage passing that is so prevalent in the West Coast offense? Campbell passed for 55% tonight. I see passes being forced to Santana Moss and Devin Thomas. But isn't it better to help a young QB learn the offense by writing in some high percentage, short pass plays? You have adopted a Pro Bowl caliber RB that has played in a similar offense for the Broncos. You also have another Pro Bowl caliber player in TE Chris Cooley. Combined, Portis and Cooley had 1 catch tonight...JUST ONE! The Giants did a good job of containing Portis tonight. One of the ways to counter this is to swing him out in the flat and dump the ball to him allowing him to make plays in space. Same thing with Cooley. OK, I might be a little biased here because I have Portis in a PPR league. But that's besides the point. We are trying to win games in the NFL right? If something doesn't work, you try other things. The Redskins did a good job of making defensive adjustments during the half. Hooray Greg Blache. You were able to hold the defending Super Bowl champs to ZERO points in the 2nd half. Jim, you were primed for a comeback. You could've made a good first impression. I guess we'll have to wait another week. Good Luck! And please remember to tweak that offense for next week. Remember, use Chris Cooley more and don't forget to write some pass plays for Portis too.

Edited on 10/06

Hi Jim. Me again. I owe you an apology. Maybe I was too harsh. But I am glad you were able to put the Giants game behind and win the next 4. Your 2 most impressive wins have been on the road in Dallas and Philadelphia. I'm seeing Clinton Portis' and Chris Cooley's inclusion in the passing game. That's good. Jason Campbell looks more settled and decisive. You've also managed to spring Clinton for some decent runs. Moss has turned into quite a surprise as well. I must admit, I thought it would take longer to incorporate your West Coast offense into this team. I thought that you would've ruined a perfectly good playoff team...built courtesy of Joe Gibbs. 5 games into the season and your team is 5-1. You've won some hard fought games. You team has the fortitude to win and now you must be considered a playoff candidate if not the division winner. Good job and good luck to you Jim.

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